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New Hope of Arizona, Inc.

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12406 N 32nd St, Phoenix AZ, 85032
New Hope of Arizona, Inc. Logo
New Hope of Arizona, Inc. was founded in 2008 with the mission of providing hope, safety and a sense of integrity to children and adults across Arizona.New Hope of Arizona, Inc. offers a behavioral health outpatient clinic with an ability to operate an outreach, screening, assessment and treatment planning process that results in a family focused, strengths-based treatment.Recent trend in services and supports for families with behavioral needs and developmental disabilities have emphasized a change toward individual and family centered assessment, strengths-based planning, quality of life outcomes; interagency and interprofessional cooperation of community based treatment and support.The Administrative office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 p.m. and closed on Saturday & Sunday. Intake for the client/consumer shall be by appointment only. Services will be tailored to meet the consumer's needs; a qualified staff member will be available to provide service during the day, evening, weekend and/or holiday hours when needed.New Hope of Arizona, Inc. practices underneath these core principles by providing outpatient services and by working with consumers through partnership with the Child and Family Teams. New Hope of Arizona, Inc. will work to ensure that each consumer and their families are integral participants in designing and implementing treatment strategies as well as in evaluating outcomes. Services will be provided in the most appropriate setting, which may often be in the consumer's home environment or community, and may not be in an office setting.New Hope of Arizona, Inc. is a generalist Direct Support Provider (MMWIA). We provide support and rehabilitation services to children and families, as determined on an individualized basis, in an effort to help them live successfully in the community or return to the community from a higher level of care. Generalist Direct Support Provider will serve as meet me where I am (MMWIA) providers and are designated to meet the support and rehabilitation needs of children and families with the most complex and challenging needs.
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