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65 India St, Portland ME, 04101
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At Milestone, we know that it takes a long time to develop a chronic addiction to alcohol or other drugs, and so recovery may well take a long time to achieve. Long-term substance abuse affects brain functioning and decision making: only a long period of sobriety will heal the damage done by drugs and alcohol. We understand that sometimes relapses happen. In fact, relapses are an expected part of the long-term recovery of late-stage addiction. Very few people achieve success on their first try. It is important to remember that a relapse isn’t The End. It isn’t Failure. A relapse is a chance to learn about ourselves, to strengthen recovery, to break the cycle of addiction.People who come to Milestone for help often report that our programs are their last chance to attain recovery, to rejoin their families, their communities, and to rebuild their lives. They may have relapsed in the past, but they are here to recover. We work to help them attain stability, dignity, and help them find their path to recovery. Milestone does not refuse care to individuals suffering from alcoholism or other drug abuse because of their frequent use of substance abuse recovery programs, relapse history or discharge status. We understand that recovery is a process, and we continue to be there for those who are seeking recovery even if they’ve tried many times before.
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Milestone Foundation
65 India St, Portland ME, 04101
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