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1903 Grant Ave Williamstown, Franklin NJ, 08094
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Maryville believes strongly that abstinence is essential for long time recovery from substance use disorders. Since our founding in 1949, we have advocated to all our clients that the risk of experimentation with drugs and alcohol for those with substance use disorders is too dangerous to take. We have seen many people return to substance use only to pay a very high price, sometimes the ultimate price, for any experimentation or reuse of alcohol or drugs. While advocating 12 Step Involvement, we also know that not all clients will accept this philosophy. We will work with each individual to develop a plan that will lead to lasting sobriety.Alcoholism and drug dependency are viewed by the professional staff as primary diseases in which an individual manifests a pathological relationship with alcohol and/or other substances. The primary goal of treatment at Maryville is continued, meaningful abstinence on the part of the substance using person. Sometimes, patients are also beset with concomitant emotional and psychiatric disorders, which need to be identified and treated with equal energy. Therefore, when indicated by history or behavior, patients are assessed for substance use dependency as well as mental health problems.
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1903 Grant Ave Williamstown, Franklin NJ, 08094
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