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MARR Addiction Treatment Center - Lawrenceville, GA

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About MARR Addiction Treatment Center - Lawrenceville, GA

Research has shown that women face more obstacles than men when seeking addiction treatment. Consequently, they are less likely to follow through with the admissions process. Our gender-specific and gender-separate treatment provides clients with a safe, comfortable setting where they can address issues directly related to their addiction. The Women’s Recovery Center incorporates a Disordered Eating (DE) Program for those who are appropriate, and offers specialized groups and treatment modalities to meet needs that are specific to the female population. By serving women only, our clients benefit in important ways and learn the tools necessary for lasting recovery. Since 1975, MARR has served the metro-Atlanta area and beyond. We teach clients how to live a

in recovery, not just how to stay dry. Our gender-specific addiction treatment programs are a minimum of 90 days, which has been shown to be more effective in achieving ongoing recovery from chemical dependency than shorter treatment stays. Our non-profit recovery center is spiritually based and incorporates the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are state-licensed and accredited by The Joint Commission. The physiology of addiction between men and women is very different and thus, requires a different approach to treatment. We provide a structured and safe environment that is separated by gender. All of our clinicians are licensed and/or certified, as well as experienced in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

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Phone: (678) 805-5131
Location: 275 W Pike St, Lawrenceville , GA 30046

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MARR Addiction Treatment Center - Lawrenceville, GA