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10 Maple Leaf Rd, Underhill VT, 05489
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Maple Leaf Farm was founded in 1956 by a group of Burlington businessmen who were alcoholics and achieved sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). They decided to find a place that was beautiful and serene where people could go to find recovery. One of them was driving around the countryside with his wife and took a dirt road up the slopes of Mt. Mansfield, the highest mountain in Vermont. They found a farm for sale and he bought it.His friends in AA and their AA group cleaned out the cow stalls, renovated the barn and farmhouse, and five of them formed a non-profit they named Maple Leaf Farm. Initially the program was run by the AA group and the patients themselves, with one part-time cook as the only employee. The program is situated on 78 acres on the slopes of Mt. Mansfield with woods, trails, a brook and pond.Over the years the program gradually changed as addiction and treatment became more complicated, more regulated and required medical and professional personnel. To date Maple Leaf has served over 30,000 men and women, most from Vermont but many from other states as well.We value our past, and have respect for those who come here seeking treatment and for the worth of AA in helping many to find recovery. We also recognize the importance of up-to-date research in responding to current needs and what that research tells us about different people needing different approaches. 2013-2014 saw an intensive effort to restructure and strengthen our program to meet the changing needs of people struggling with addiction as well as a change in our name to Maple Leaf Treatment Center in order to clearly state our mission.Maple Leaf Treatment Center provides a rigorous, research-based program that employs evidenced-based best practices to ensure that all our clients receive the individualized assessment, case planning clinical treatment and medical care that has been proven most effective in treating this chronic disease. While our programming changes to keep up with the science behind the treatment, our property remains as serene and beautiful today as it was in 1956.
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Maple Leaf Treatment Center
10 Maple Leaf Rd, Underhill VT, 05489
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