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I found Life works to be very helpful and extremely informative. Rhoadie and George are awesome and are willing to go that extra mile as long as you're too.

About Lifeworks Substance Abuse Services

Lifeworks offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We are one of the top truly caring alcohol and drug treatment centers in Florida offering outpatient treatment and intensive outpatient treatment in Florida. LifeWorks! invites you to first uncover and then to erase or rewrite self-destructive subconscious beliefs to be in alignment with your conscious beliefs, and most importantly, with your heart’s desires. A key to sustainable life change is to release the toxic energy and heavy, dark feelings that keep you stuck in a negative cycle. These harmful energies may live within you as actual physical pain or perhaps as addictions, depression, lethargy, anger or general malaise. LifeWorks! will assist you in permanently letting go of the debilitating feelings that keep you from being fully present, powerful and productive in your life. “That which you resist, persists”; in other words, the feelings that you disown within yourself will stalk you until you invite them into the light of your awareness. You will discover that what was once

greatest shame often becomes your strongest gift and source of wisdom. ​​There are other ways and many paths to get and stay sober. First; Get HONEST about what has and has not worked before. Second; Be OPEN MINDED to the possibility that there are other options that may be helpful, (suspend, if just for a while, contempt prior to investigation) Last, but not least; Be WILLING to explore and then to "act on" those other possibilities, options, methods, practices and disciplines. One must Research and Verify for oneself, in this believing becomes knowing. Have you ever wondered why, no matter how hard you try, you keep falling into the same addictions, dysfunctional relationships or other self-destructive behaviors? The reasons for this are not that you are defective, “diseased”, morally weak, genetically disposed, or that you have no faith. Groundbreaking discoveries in biology and psychology can provide explanations for why many continue to follow self-destructive paths, and, more importantly, hold the key to breaking free.

Listing Type

  • service not providedDetox Facility
  • service not providedInpatient Rehab Facility
  • service providedOutpatient Facility
  • service not providedTherapist/ Counselor/ Psychologist/ Psychiatrist
  • service not providedIntervention
  • service not providedSober Living
  • service not providedMethadone Maintenance Clinic
  • service not providedPain Management Program

Payment Methods

  • service providedCash
  • service providedCheck
  • service providedCard
  • service not providedScholarship
  • service not providedState Funded
  • service not providedState Insurance
  • service providedPrivate Insurance
  • service providedPayment plans
  • service not providedOut of Network Insurance
  • service not providedIn Network

Treatment Model

  • service provided12 Step
  • service not providedSMART Recovery
  • service not providedFaith based
  • service not providedHolistic
  • service providedDual Diagnosis

Phone: 941-979-5023
Location: 4678 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL, United States 33980

Therapy Sessions (Outpatient)

  • Both

Mission Statement

Located in Southwest Florida, our mission at LIFEWORKS! is to provide comprehensive programs that promote health, personal growth and to treat and prevent substance abuse related disease and disabilities.

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Rick F.

May 20th, 2016

I found Life works to be very helpful and extremely informative. Rhoadie and George are awesome and are willing to go that extra mile as long as you're too.


January 20th, 2015

Inspirational, uplifting and informative. Looking forward to assisting and growing together as we learn who we are and what we want to do with out lives!


Lifeworks Substance Abuse Services