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2815 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle WA, 98102
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An effective treatment for addiction must address each area of the victim’s life eroded by the persistent onslaught of the disease. The components of treatment must form a seamless whole that allows the addict to experience sober living and acquire a set of skills to prevent the very real danger of relapse. As addiction progresses, the body begins to suffer from the intake of drugs and the dysfunction of the brain. In the inpatient program, every patient receives a medical evaluation and blood work to assess the effects. The patient’s primary physician is invited to discuss the findings and continue any necessary treatment. Our patients are informed of the eventual medical consequences of consuming psychoactive drugs, both illicit and prescribed, and urged to secure an evaluation from their primary physician. All patients enter treatment with little or no understanding of their disease and what recovery entails. Ignorance fosters denial, the primary symptom of the early and middle stages of addiction. Knowledge begins to shrink denial and brings a willingness to try the tools of the program offered at Lakeside. Regardless of their appearance to their family and friends, addicts are full of fear and live in ever increasing isolation. Fear grows as the victim tries to stop drug abuse to no avail. Isolation deepens as the addiction controls all social interactions and destroys intimacy. In a group, the addict is asked to risk being honest and disclose the story of his/her addiction. The power of the group lies in the collective ability to lift each other up and find strength of purpose.
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Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers
2815 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle WA, 98102
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