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For many people drinking is nothing more than a way to socialize, celebrate or to relax. However alcohol has become such a big part of American life that we rarely stop to consider if a pattern is beginning to develop. Statistics currently suggest that 50.9% of adults over the age of 18 drink on a regular basis and 15% of the drinkers living in the United States are considered to be “problem drinkers.” 70.6% of all 10th grade students have tried alcohol. The abuse of alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs remain at epidemic proportions with 28 million adults and young people struggling every day with the horrific results of abuse and addiction. The need to help people struggling to overcome addictions and get help has never been more important. Kings View alcohol and drug treatment programs recognize that no single treatment is appropriate for all clients, therefore the multi-disciplinary staff includes; Physicians, Certified/Registered Addiction Specialist, Nurses and Pharmacist.Kings View staff will help you determine the appropriate treatment program for you.
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