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400 McKnight Park Dr, Pittsburgh PA, 15237
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Have you felt distracted lately at work or at school, feeling this overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction? Do you find you're more distressed than usual over daily stressors, simple chores or minor arguments? And do you find yourself constantly thinking about all the things you want to change? You may know what behaviors you have that are causing you distress or you may lack insight into what it is that is getting in your way. Either way, when you know something has to change, but you don't know how to go about it, therapy may be the answer.I know the pain and suffering that issues like addiction, abuse and grief can cause in someone's life. Both personally and professionally, I know the pressure people endure just to keep going.Whether you desire a concrete action plan to bring you immediate relief or a safe place to explore uncomfortable emotions, I am available to help. Let me be there to listen or provide advice. Let me help you to improve your quality of life!
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Kerrie Boydman
400 McKnight Park Dr, Pittsburgh PA, 15237
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