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1804 NE 45th Ave, Portland OR, 97213
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I am here to reflect the beauty of your true nature, especially if you are having trouble remembering it due to life's issues and traumas, the experience of being marginalized, the exhaustion that comes with serving others, or addiction, or illness-- whatever the cause. With 30 years' experience and as a therapist to many therapists, I love the privilege of sitting with you as you seek greater peace and effectiveness and move into your power and toward desired change. I can offer a variety of supports, from powerful energetic work for trauma to quiet inner processes, movement, or art. While I have masters degrees in social work, education and conflict facilitation/organizational change as well as national certification as an addictions specialist. Yet my work with you will be uniquely for you. We might use tools from Process Work, Hakomi, EMDR, or traditional cultures and practices.
  • Drug/ Alcohol Counselor
  • Therapist
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Judy Chambers
1804 NE 45th Ave, Portland OR, 97213
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