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500 Blue Hills Ave, Hartford CT, 06112
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InterCommunity’s Addiction Services division operates a number of facilities, offering a wide range of services to help clients achieve and maintain a life free of the destructive effects of chemical dependency. Their is to provide accessible, timely, responsive, and high quality care to people who are seeking to recover from the effects of addictive disorders. Over the years, they have developed a range of services and supports with the goal of helping people not just recover but to thrive.The staff at InterCommunity provides a full range of primary healthcare services for adults. We are committed to a coordinated care approach that restores health. Our comprehensive approach to patient care focuses on diagnosing and treating health problems that require prompt attention, conducting physical exams, and performing screenings to help detect problems at their earliest stages.
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InterCommunity, Inc
500 Blue Hills Ave, Hartford CT, 06112
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