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2267 Teton Plaza, Idaho Falls ID, 83404
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Our state-approved outpatient center treats adults who are struggling with drug and/or alcohol abuse issues. The clinical staff of the HDD Addictions Recovery Center assist clients in achieving sobriety through individual and group therapy. Human Dynamics offers intensive outpatient treatment (9 hrs/week), and level one treatment (2-8 hrs/week). Programs offered include Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), Thinking for Good, Men’s Issues, Women’s Issues, Living in Balance, Stages of Change, Relapse Prevention, Cognitive Self Change, and DUI Education. HDD also offers service coordination for qualifying program participants. Service coordinators assist clients in identifying and accessing resources for stability and improved quality of life. Our staff is also knowledgeable and experienced in treating individuals with co-occurring mental health and addiction issues. We also provide urine drug testing for our clients. Testing kits screen for 12 drugs of abuse. Drug testing can be paid on a cash basis or billed to insurance.The HDD Addictions Recovery Services are available to individuals who qualify for State-funded treatment or private insurance, and those opting for self-pay treatment. For individuals involved with the legal system, the Human Dynamics addictions recovery staff work closely with probation and parole to meet the interagency information exchange needs that best suit the client’s recovery. Human Dynamics & Diagnostics offers Suboxone maintenance therapy as part of its group and individual recovery programs. The easy part of recovery is taking the Suboxone. Working on behaviors acquired form the addiction is the most challenging. Once drug-related behaviors are addressed and changed the chances for successful recovery are much higher. Taking Suboxone and attending treatment usually costs about 1/2 of the cost of illegal use of opiates. The treatment team communicates fully about the client’s progress, relapse risk, and family involvement. Patients are required to submit to random and scheduled urine drug screens and attend treatment and physician visits. A most important requirement is screening for infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and C, HIV, and syphilis.
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Human Dynamics and Diagnostics
2267 Teton Plaza, Idaho Falls ID, 83404
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Human Dynamics and Diagnostics Logo

Human Dynamics and Diagnostics

2267 Teton Plaza, Idaho Falls ID, 83404

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