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Healthy Connections, Inc.

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1839 El Dorado St, Stockton CA, 95206
Healthy Connections, Inc. Logo
It is the mission of Healthy Connections, Inc. to provide medication-assisted treatment to those individuals suffering from the disease of opioid addiction seeking help. Utilizing an assessment process which is sensitive to the complex biological, psychological, sociological and cultural factors associated with the disease, we will strive to develop a treatment plan which focuses on the individuals’ values, goals and preferences. Healthy Connections, Inc. is committed to providing care in a safe, secure and professional environment which utilizes outcomes and patient satisfaction to guide quality improvement. We believe that a well trained staff, equipped with the tools needed to perform their jobs and dedicated to the concept of providing patient-centered care, can bring this disadvantaged population into a mainstream health-care. By facilitating access, reducing stigma and promoting family and community involvement, we believe that our patients can achieve a life of meaning and dignity.
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