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936 East 93rd Street, Chicago, IL, United States, , 60619
The Hardin House/Drexel Counseling model of care is client centered with an emphasis on group discussion and one to one counselor-client engagement. Hardin House properties are homes for men and women needing transitional living accommodations prior to total re-entry into the traditional world of career and/or reunification with family and friends. Hardin House for Women is a recovery home. The residents live together sharing cooking and housekeeping responsibilities while attending sessions as outpatients needing a forum to express themselves and private conversation with a clinician to express their inner most thoughts. Hardin House for women mostly services ex-offenders who are seeking short-term support and guidance. Drexel Counseling is the facility where clinical; methadone, DUI, anger management group, intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient services are rendered. Staff includes credentialed counselors and therapists with expertise in family, mental health, supportive service assistance, and substance abuse counseling. Each Hardin House/Drexel Counseling client and patient is assessed to determine their unique needs. Goals and the accompanying objectives are realized through collaboration between client, counselors, medical staff, and when necessary family members. In 2013, Hardin House/Drexel added Methadone to the menu of out-patient services the agency is able to provide. Hardin House/Drexel is continuing to explore ways it can serve the community and expects to become a place where residents can receive immunizations and well care checkups as well as supportive counseling services.
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Hardin House/Drexel Counseling Services, Inc.
936 East 93rd Street, Chicago, IL, United States, , 60619
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