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586 Main St, New Britain CT, 06051
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In 1973, Monsignor Joseph Farrell established a shelter for homeless alcoholic men on the Saint Mary’s convent. Renamed the “Resurrection House”, the facility was licensed as a halfway house and operated chiefly on contributions. That halfway house soon evolved into a professional residential, psycho-social rehabilitation center for the treatment of substance abuse. In deference to his visions and foresight to address the community’s needs, the facility has been renamed Farrell Treatment Center. Since 1978 the facility has offered intensive clinical residential treatment programs for substance dependent males. In 2000, we started an outpatient program. In 2007, our services expanded to include intensive outpatient treatment and we began treating females.In January, 2013 FTC hired two psychiatrists to begin treating our clients with co-occuring disorders.Today, FTC continues plays an integral role in the treatment of addicts and substance abusers by expanding our services.
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Farrell Treatment Center
586 Main St, New Britain CT, 06051
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Farrell Treatment Center Logo

Farrell Treatment Center

586 Main St, New Britain CT, 06051

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