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5610 Crawfordsville Rd, Indianapolis IN, 46224
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Self-Management problems, including addictions, certain emotional and behavioral disorders, and life skills deficits can have a negative impact on client functioning. These problems can impair, to varying degrees, neurobiological, mental/emotional, family, and spiritual health, and social/community adjustment. People who have difficulties with life skills, including emotional regulation and parenting skills can strengthen these capacities via participation in cooperative, structured educational groups. People who have established compulsive, repetitive cycles of destructive behaviors, such as addictive use of alcohol or drugs, can benefit from participation in well-designed counseling programs. Fall Creek Counseling offers culturally relevant counseling and life-skills education programs that are based upon a health and wellness model and incorporate evidence based “best practices” methods. Services are designed to meet clients “where they are” in recognizing need to change dysfunctional behaviors. The purpose of our education and counseling services is to empower clients to build the internal and external resources needed to learn and integrate self-management skills into their lives.
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Fall Creek Counseling
5610 Crawfordsville Rd, Indianapolis IN, 46224
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