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45-3514 Paauhau Road, Honokaa, HI, United States, , 96727
The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center is a private, holistic rehab and alcohol treatment center located on The Big Island, also known as the “healing island” of Hawaii. Nestled on a quiet, picturesque cliff overlooking the sparkling Pacific, we provide a safe, nurturing environment with one of the most customized programs in the country. Our facility is a completely secluded 10,000 square-foot, 16-acre property where a tropical countryside of horses and island sunsets surround the estate. The residence is a small, intimate, private, eight bed facility with luxury accommodations and exceptional amenities. Our integrative, holistic, non-12-step addiction treatment approach is customized to meet your specific needs. We’ve created a cohesive and comprehensive path to recovery that addresses the whole person and not just the addiction. The Exclusive’s unique Core Belief Restructuring treatment program addresses the root causes that are driving self-destructive behaviors and helps clients to go forward to a life of enriched clarity and joyful sobriety. We focus on asking questions rather than giving advice. We empower our clients to restructure the hidden beliefs that are holding them back. This opens the door to connect with their true selves and to discover their passions and a new life purpose. From the very first day you entrust yourself to our care, and running concurrent with your addiction recovery program, you will be able to participate in relapse prevention and our individualized New Life Direction process. We teach our clients how being authentic, vulnerable and connected will naturally take the place of addictive behaviors. We share our philosophy of non-judgement and unconditional acceptance and love of SELF and others. We’re committed to creating a cocoon of safety and warmth that allows clients to immerse themselves fully into the program. We realize that when clients are facing their shadow and their past, it may be the hardest thing they’ve ever done, and we make it as comfortable as possible. At The Exclusive our staff cares for clients on so many levels. We know that it is essential to provide a balanced treatment program that addresses mind, body and spirit.
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It is our mission at The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center to help people be profoundly in touch with their own life force and the gifts that they have to give in the world and to find motivation and joy in living and contributing their gifts that are stronger their former addictive, self-medicating, pain-soothing tendencies. Through this intention we are committed to help people connect back to their true essence and live from an authentic center within themselves and build a life of integrity and awareness.
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The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center
45-3514 Paauhau Road, Honokaa, HI, United States, , 96727
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