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110 E 79th St, Chicago IL, 60619
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EMAGES, Inc. is a private not-for-profit psychological, and treatment agency. We believe that treatment must address the whole person. (holistic) Treatment must address each individual from a holistic perspective. Treatment must be culturally specific and begin from the client's frame of reference. Treatment of African-American clients must be based on an Afro-centric world view and other culture require thier perspective as well.Clients must be empowered to define, interpret and re-negotiate in an appropriate behavior.Treatment of individual clients must operate from an ideology that places thier culture at its intellectual center with a focus on thier culture as the norm.Individual, group, and family counseling interventions are effective treatment methods, when they include the economic and psycho-social development of African-Americans from slavery to present day and for Latino and other cultures their past and present are to be at the forefront of ther treatment.
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Emages, Inc.
110 E 79th St, Chicago IL, 60619
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