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Dunamis, Inc.

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4991 E McKinley Ave, Fresno CA, 93727
Dunamis, Inc. Logo
Dunamis, Inc. exists to provide services to clients experiencing issues including behavioral problems, substance abuse, learning disabilities and adjustment disorders. We believe that individuals who are experiencing problems as a result of alcohol and/or other drug use should be provided an opportunity for recovery in an environment that is supportive, culturally relevant, and adequate to meet their needs. We are committed to providing services for our country’s most valuable assets – people. Our company began with a feeling. A feeling that our Founder and President Orlando Gillam felt every time he saw the destructive effects of untreated mental health conditions and/or the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Orlando has, from the beginning, had a grand vision. In that vision, members of our communities and our families find healing in their relationships. They find relief from the grips of addiction, and navigate the difficult space between their emotional and mental health and the stigmas that re placed upon them. Dunamis Inc. has grown from an idea into an increasing network of dedicated service providers, working together to deliver a myriad of services to those who need them most. We here at Dunamis Inc. are continuing to grow. We are expanding our expertise into the residential treatment environment. We have wonderful staff with decades of experience in all phases of treatment and we look forward to serving you and those whom you love.
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Dunamis, Inc.
4991 E McKinley Ave, Fresno CA, 93727
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