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175 Crescent Ave, Chelsea MA, 02150
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Community Substance Abuse Centers (CSAC) is a privately owned corporation offering outpatient services that specializes in the treatment of narcotic addiction. As a privately owned corporation, CSAC has a structure similar to many privately owned medical and doctor’s offices. The major focus is maintaining a strong commitment to high quality and compassionate care to substance abusing patients. CSAC maintains a strong commitment to providing high-quality, cost-effective care that treats all individuals with the utmost dignity and respect. We realize that this commitment can only be achieved through the recruitment and retention of competent and qualified employees. Recognizing these essential points, we seek to foster a work environment that supports the diversity, health, and growth of each employee. Our personnel policies and practices reflect this philosophical approach in our efforts to lead the organization toward the realization of our goals and objectives. Our goal is to provide prompt, professional, and effective services to assist patients in dealing with problems that are both directly and indirectly related to substance abuse. We offer integrated medical and counseling approaches grounded in an individualized recovery-oriented philosophy that treats addiction as a biopsycholocial disease.
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