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5303 W Kentucky Ave, Denver CO, 80226
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Center of Hope is a faith based Drug and Alcohol treatment facility located in Denver, Colorado since 2005, and have been successfully treating individuals using both our Out-Patient and In-Patient programs since 2005. We coordinate with various organizations to better our community by offering GED training, other various job training and placement living skills, group and individual therapy, as well as helping our clients to become successfully compliant in any aspects required by the Criminal Justice System. In addition we provide faith support to those individuals requiring such support.At Center of hope we have developed a program that will take individuals who are between the ages of 18 and 24 who either have been or still are on probation or parole; who have dropped out of High school and are lacking the skills needed to help them find and maintain a job or career; and we help them obtain their GED, stay compliant in regards to their probation/parole, and give them the tools/skills to obtain full time employment and set them firmly on a career track.Center of Hope is using various resources to give us the inside look into the Denver communities that we will be serving. We are always looking for ways to improve the understanding of what services they may need and issues they may be facing or having to overcome in their current situations.
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Center of Hope
5303 W Kentucky Ave, Denver CO, 80226
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