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92 S Cole Rd, Boise ID, 83709
Center for Behavioral Health - Boise, ID Logo
The Center for Behavioral Health in Boise, is a collection of outpatient treatment programs geared towards providing drug and alcohol treatment services and has an emphasis in the treatment of opiate addiction. In this program counseling is an important part of receiving treatment. There three main ways to a patient can get counseling is through a one-on-one basis, family counseling, and through group therapy. Because of the diversity of the counselors, they are able to relate to the patients in a way that others would not be able to. Some of the other services are case management, medication monitoring, and discharge and referral planning. All of the counselors are continuing their education through training that enhances their level of therapeutic effectiveness. The staff partakes in community outreach to instruct outside agencies on the effects of drugs and alcohol, treatment, the medications they utilize, as well as the various services that they provide. During outreach, the staff also receives information on public services that may be beneficial to the patients and they collaborate with other agencies to better serve their patients.
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Center for Behavioral Health - Boise, ID
92 S Cole Rd, Boise ID, 83709
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