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APT Foundation, Inc.

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352 State St, New Haven CT, 06510
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It is the philosophy of the APT Foundation that the disease of addiction must be treated in a holistic way. It is our belief that addiction is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit, affecting a person’s social and emotional functioning, and that treatment must address all of these needs.As such, clients receive services within the context of a treatment community that embraces the strengths of each of its participants and a strong commitment of collaborative learning both in the context of a group driven program and treatment milieu setting. Clinical services are predominantly led by licensed or certified clinical staff that has specific training that includes motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma & recovery and co-occurring disorders. Group therapy is the primary modality of treatment. Individual therapy is viewed as adjunctive to the group driven format and is available based on each client’s individual needs. Psychiatric services are available at each of our clinical sites.Group programming topics address, but are not limited to education on the biology of addiction, co-occurring disorders groups, coping skills development, twelve step education, self-esteem building, health and recovery, vocational programming, trauma and recovery, and gender specific groups. Additionally, the Foundation provides specific trauma recovery groups for men and women.
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APT Foundation, Inc.
352 State St, New Haven CT, 06510
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