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Andrew House Detoxification Center

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66 Canal St, Boston MA, 02114
Andrew House Detoxification Center Logo
Bay Cove specializes in providing a continuum of drug and alcohol addiction services, including substance abuse prevention, detoxification, short-term residential programming, individual and group counseling, and out-patient treatment for opiate addiction.We believe that addiction is a medical condition and that with effective, long-term treatment tailored to individual needs, people with drug addiction can recover and lead productive lives.The ultimate goal of drug addiction treatment is to enable an individual to achieve lasting abstinence, but the immediate goals are to reduce drug abuse, improve the patient's ability to function, and minimize the medical and social complications of drug abuse and addiction. Andrew House Detoxification Center is a 24-bed acute treatment facility, which provides medically monitored services to men over 18 years old who need short-term (3-7 day) detoxification from alcohol, heroin and other opiates. The program specializes in treating people who, in addition to abusing substances, may also be living with mental health disorders, HIV+/AIDS, using more than one substance, or may be receiving methadone maintenance medication.
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Andrew House Detoxification Center
66 Canal St, Boston MA, 02114
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