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1000 Bible Way, Reno NV, 89502
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Caring, compassionate counseling is not just a slogan. It is truly what we believe is the foundation of the client-therapist relationship. Our approach to treatment of Substance Use Disorders is non-judgmental. We don’t label anyone as alcoholic or drug addicted. We feel that is a decision best left to the individual who will be more likely to act on that conclusion if it is their idea and not something that is thrust upon them Our group sessions are held in warm, comfortable, nurturing environments. Our counselors use Motivational Interviewing techniques that create safe spaces for the client to consider recent life events and what change means to them and their loved ones. Therapies include Cognitive Behavioral and Twelve Step Facilitation. The group sessions consist of time devoted to client process in which we check in with each individual allowing them to share about the successes and challenges they are experiencing. The remainder of the session is devoted to the presentation of new ideas and concepts that can assist the client in better understanding alcoholism and addiction.
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Advanced DUI and Counseling
1000 Bible Way, Reno NV, 89502
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