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95 N Research Dr, Edwardsville IL, 62025
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Addiction Treatment Strategies provides a six month intensive outpatient medical detoxificaiton stabelization and treatment program. ATS is a theraputically based, medically assisted program which provides an effective intervention strategy in working with patients manifesting addictions. We believe that through this integrated approach, we can meet the unique needs of each individual patient. ATS provides a professional alternative to AA self-help groups. We use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) groups, individual therapy, and family/support education which ultimately influences life changes in the patient. ATS uses the constructs of Structure-Organization-Discipline behavioral interventions to monitor changes in Sleep-Exercise-Diet as key clinical indicators in overall improvement in lifestyle changes. Medications are used to treat underlying problems and to bring about stability necessary to begin making changes through CBT. We believe it takes considerable investment of time and energy for a patient to begin to understand and change dysfunctional behavior. 97% of patients complete the Phase I 6-month program and 89% chose to continue for the Phase II aftercare program. More than 20% of our patients have been with us for over one year. Patients attend the clinic a minimum of three times weekly to learn from CBT groups, adjust medications, and participate in individual therapy. Parent/Family group intervention is provided as an essential learning component of the ATS program, and this group meets weekly. All patients have access to ACS staff, who are available 24/7 to respond to crises.
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Addiction Treatment Strategies
95 N Research Dr, Edwardsville IL, 62025
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