We Are Sober, Not Boring! Activities To Do When Living It Up Sober

When it comes to the holidays they are often considered a  break from the normal 9 to 5, a time when families get together and celebrate their heritage or break out the fireworks and sparklers in honor of their freedom.

But for some it is time to party and live it up with the potential of making mistakes while getting trash off of Uncle Jagermeister or your good friend Jack D.

St. Patrick’s Day, drinking green beer; Cinco de Mayo, drinking Mexican beer; 4th of July; drinking beer and BBQing. For the sober community they are often not invited or considered a buzz kill.

But the truth is plain and simple: They are Sober, Not Boring! Just because they choose not to partake in a series of drunken belligerent mistakes does not mean they don’t throw awesome  parties.

If you haven’t been invited to your sober friend’s killer pool party, your drunken embarrassments might be the reason why. Here is what you’re missing out on:

  1. Go viral, the internet is your friend: If you are reading this, I am sure you know how much fun the internet can be, so embrace it! You Tube, Vine, Podcasts, Rap battles; the sky is the limit as nearly every smart phone has a decent video recorder/camera on it. You have something funny, interesting, inspiring, or just down right entertaining; share it with the world. You think you have a sophisticated palette now that you have your taste buds back, blog about your dining experiences.
  2. Road trips: Now that you are spending less time consuming alcohol and falling on your face, you now have extra spending money to visit the little town called Jerome, AZ and find out why it is haunted. Bring your friends along and make it a thing you do on the weekends. Visiting places you have never been before fills your life with meaning and rousing good stories. With a little gas money and a sense of direction ( GPS) you can fill your life with memorable experences that you would not do drunk on the couch.
  3. Discover the outdoors: Hiking, boating, camping, spelunking, cave exploration, and kayaking; all of these activities are waiting for you to put down the beer, put on your shoes, and go for a walk. There is more to life than drugs and alcohol as the world is a beautiful place to be in. Roasting marshmallows around a bonfire with friends can be timeless and full of good memories.
  4. There may be a festival for everything: Now that you are sober you will find hobbies and activities you enjoy doing; there may be a festival for that. Comic con, food, and music all have really interesting festivals that you can enter or just attend. Arizona has an amazing salsa festival every year, go check it out and bring your friends. Everyone likes a ghost pepper challenge… Right?
  5. You don’t need alcohol to throw a party: The one thing about getting sober is that there is a sober community waiting to welcome you with open arms. Throw a movie themed party and watch as the Harry Potters and Hufflepuffs knock down your door. Game stores have these ‘host a murder” dinner party game that has everyone pick a character for the night and act out a murder like Clue. Throw in some cool costumes with a veggie platter and you got a party on your hands.
  6. Cards Against Humanity: This one gets its own topic as this card game is epic. This is a card game that is an adult version of Apples to Apples. With odd scenarios that can sometimes be morbid and comical, check out this deck of cards and see if it is right for your group of friends. (If you search old ladies and cards against humanity the video is awesome.)
  7. Become an entrepreneur: Again the internet is amazing, if you can knit, or make something consider starting an Etsy account and sell your product to people who really enjoy the handmade feel. Fiver is also very interesting, as you can sell services on the internet for 5 bucks. When I mean services, I mean be a human billboard or support a web page, or create a book cover. For 5 bucks, you have a new hobby that is profitable.


  1. Being so dicipline in the aspect of taking alcohol does not make people boring. Infact most times abstinence from alcohol helps to realize other ways one could enjoy life and even save more.

  2. I think those activities is very good to do to living up soberity. Actually the very important things spend time with family or lovely one is the best key here.

  3. This blog is very interesting.Holiyday is for entertainment. Many people have to face the cause of embarrassment because of alcohol.

  4. I love this. Holidays are truly meant to be enjoyed. Hiking interests me the most. More fun things to indulge in, less damages health wise via alcoholic consumptions.

  5. No 1 is so relatable especially these days. As much as outdoor things are cool chances are we cannot do that yet unless we are at the back yard he he. Sober or not everyone now has a lot of time to kill. May as well make the most out of it.

  6. The skills and time factoring activities mentioned above are quite helpful to ensure that every hands are not idle, as the adage which claims an idle hand to be the devil’s workshop… Being too less busy can drift a drawback changes by involving in acts that are self deteriorating. Thanks for the article, well written.

  7. Being sober isn’t boring at all. Some have graduated from drunkenness and switched to a healthier lifestyle as they mature. This blog is fun to read and helpful too.

  8. The 7th point is very much exciting for me. Because, this one is the thing where you are doing something great for yourself and the society also.

  9. Not taking part in alcohol party does not warrant anyone being tagged boring. People should be free to make their own choices.

  10. Everywhere only you are being talked about. And in fact I have very motivated. Thanks for sharing your story Sober.

  11. Sober are those people who are enjoying their life in a real manner.They are the best people who know how to live life.

  12. These tips are really encouraging, and truelly people making a recovery from drugs are sober and not boring and also have a life to live like everyday people.

  13. This article is a good one and i love the fact that it encourages those recovering from drug addiction to live life as it supposed to be lived despite all. Thanks for this.

  14. Being sober doesn’t mean everything has to be boring, it is true. I love all the activities lined up to choose from, it makes you bounce back better and stronger than before. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Their things to consider in life to yield us productivity and not soaking ourselves with alcohol. I don’t drink alcohol to enable stay normal and concentrate on my online business. Thank you for the advise.

  16. Helping sober people means doing your best to make their life more colorful. We also need to avoid things that might trigger their addictiveness to substances.

  17. All these tips are awesome if it can be follow up with letters. The number three is most I do when I feel boring and it always light my mood.

  18. Interesting tips you have shared in this article. Being sober does require a lot of effort and determination to overcome.

  19. You don’t need alcohol to throw a party, moderation should be considered in all we do. Alcohol and drugs are two combination that are deadly, they will not bring you out of your sober mood rather destroy your life. Hangout with good friends, let your phone be your partner to connect online for opportunities. Life is worth living when lived right.

  20. I really like cards against humanity. It’s a truly fun game and best of all it can be enjoyed without the need for alcohol!

  21. Alcohol is not the only way to enjoy oneself . Being sober and not taking part in this drinking spree doesn’t mean people can’t have fun. I agree with the writer. For an introvert who is sober, the internet can be a place of fun..chatting with friends, watching

  22. For me, road trips and going camping are my favorite activities. They are so uplifting and refreshing and most of all, they give me that much needed peace of mind.

  23. Wow, this activities will make sober fun and worth putting all. With this fun, I see alot mindset change toward been sober.

  24. I love the one that says you don’t need alcoho to throw a party. Seriously many don’t understand, with this all persons sobering can still hangout and have fun.

  25. Finding new hobbies while on sober is really fantastic, a good way to spend those time doing something awesome. Also party can still be arranged without alcohol, that’s really true

  26. These are amazing activities to delve in especially when looking to keep your mind occupied. Many thanks for the helpful article and I look forward to even more of the same.

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