Acute Medical Detox Treatment Program

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Many people avoid the detox process out of fear. The detox process, however, does not need to be traumatic or dangerous.

Many people who need detox support are considered acute detox clients. Acute detox means that the individual is experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, some of which may prove life-threatening. Alcohol and Benzodiazepines typically require acute medical detox programs to ensure the client’s safety during the detox process.

Acute medical detox provides the support and care needed to safely and comfortably eliminated toxins and substances from your system. The medical support staff monitors your symptoms and progress throughout the night and day.

Medical detox facilities are equipped to handle severe withdrawal symptoms and acute care clients. Acute care clients require a little more monitoring and rehabilitation than others. Perhaps the individual has used for an extended period, presents with abscesses, infection or other complications that threatens his or her overall health.

The length of stay in acute detox varies by person. On average, plan to spend at least 3-5 days in this stage of treatment. You may move down to another level of treatment if the acute medical detox you attend is a part of a larger rehab program.

Below is a list of acute medical detox centers and programs.