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Finding Substance Abuse Treatment from Hawaii

Hawaii has a reputation of being paradise for the rest of the country. But those who live there with a substance abuse problem are not living in paradise- they are living in a nightmare. When someone is addicted to drugs they lose any will power they once had. Once their will power is sucked out of them, their stability and happiness shortly follows.

Most drug addicts and alcoholics usually do not know where or who to turn to when they are ready to admit that they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Addiction tends to make people feel guilty and upset about having a problem to begin with. But we are here to help you. Our team is committed to finding a drug or alcohol rehab center that can help you recover.

Addiction is a disease that must be taken care of at a professional medical facility. Enrolling into a treatment program is the only safe and logical way to cope with your substance abuse disorder. Fighting back against your addiction is not easy by any means, so do not think that rehab is a quick 30-day remedy. If you are ready to start making changes in order to get your happiness back, then please call us now. We can have someone get you started on the road toward recovery.

There has been an estimate of 78,000 people who abuse Alcohol.

About 26,000 people reported abusing illicit drugs.

A report has estimated 169 people died from a fatal drug overdose in 2015.


stop substance abuse.

Hawaii might not be paradise for everyone. If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then call now. We want to help you recover from the bad situation that you are in. You might feel like you’re trapped by your addiction, but you can find that paradise once again. When you call us you will be talking with someone who has, and he or she just wants to help you find it too. It is a lot more attainable that you think.

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Hawaii Drug & Alcohol Detox

While detox is a very critical part of recovery, it doesn’t work alone; habits and brain function must be addressed as well. Detox clears the body of the physical remains of the drug or alcohol. It can be done with medication to assure a comfortable detox. It can also be done holistically and other ways that might suit your anticipated lifestyle better.

It is recommended that the detox process is undergone with the supervision of medical personnel at an inpatient facility. The detoxification process has a bad reputation because of the withdrawal symptoms that occur at this stage of recovery.

Puking, shaking and sweating are the most experienced withdrawal illnesses. If you are under medical attention while detoxing, you will have an easier time staying comfortable. You can also ease your mind knowing that you are detoxing in a safe manner at an inpatient facility. Trying to clean your body via cold turkey is dangerous for your health.

Hawaii Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Rehabilitation and recovery is of the utmost importance as you prepare to enter rehab. With the drug or alcohol cleared out of your system, it’s time to focus on different types of counseling and therapies that will look at the root of the problem. The root problem is what caused or escalated you to begin and continue your addiction.

After finding out the root cause, you will be given tools to help keep you from relapsing. The help and support you need is available at all times. Through single and group therapy sessions you can get to the bottom of where your addiction may have stemmed from. If you can learn why you took to drugs and alcohol in the first place, then you will allow yourself to recognize triggers later on in life.

A majority of personalized rehab plans offer clients 30, 60 or 90-day stints. Everyone has different need when entering a treatment program, which is why you should call us now.

Best Hawaii Treatment Centers

Finding Treatment in Hawaii

Should you find treatment on the same island you live on? Should you find treatment on another island? In another state? This is a very personal decision. Deciding to ask for help with an addiction is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Some prefer to go through rehab around the same triggers that prompted them to use their substance of choice, while others want to get away to get a fresh start. There are many options when you are looking for treatment. Be sure to find one that will fit best for you.

There are plenty of rehab centers in and out of Hawaii that can help you get back to feeling and acting happy again. Do not let your addiction bully you into not reaching out for help. We welcome your phone call so that we can help you sort through your options (866) 578-7471

Should I Travel for Treatment?

People who have already achieved sobriety usually recommend traveling for detox and rehab. Right now, your bad habits are fueling your addiction. Scoring dope from the same dealer or drinking at the same local bar feed your substance abuse problems. It is much easier said than done to avoid the people and places that trigger your carvings for drugs and alcohol.

You will find it easier to focus on your recovery if you create some distance between as many triggers as you can. If you travel to another city or state, you will better your chances of completing rehab because leaving on the spot is not as much of an option.

Rehab is not a show and go program; you cannot just show up to rehab and expect to see changes regarding your addiction. You will have to put time and effort into treatment in order to see any results. It is not easy, but it is possible.

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When is Intervention Needed?

If you have seen your loved one’s drug or alcohol use get out of hand on multiple occasions, then it might be time to stage an intervention.

The signs are not always so clear-cut, but if your loved one is starting to put their substance abuse above the people and things that they once loved then it is probably time to step in. So many addicts and alcoholics are in denial about their issues that they might have even fooled themselves until this point.

Holding an intervention might be able to pull them out of that denial stage. If your loved one sees that their family and friends still care about them, then they might be more inclined to seek professional treatment care. There is also a chance your loved one is waiting for someone to intervene and offer help.

Living in Your Recovery

There are adjustments that need to be made when trying to live a life in recovery. Minimizing urges to use drugs and alcohol is not always easy. You will have to relearn how to have fun and be happy without needing to be wasted.

Rehab does not offer a cure for your addiction, the thought of getting loaded will always try to present itself. But with the resources you gained from your treatment program, you can deny those carvings. Rebuilding relationships with people who are supportive about your recovery can help.

If you surround yourself with people who care about you, then there should be less peer pressure to drink or use drugs. You also might need to regain loved ones’ trust so you can associate with them again. You can learn how to do this in rehab.

Treatment Options in Hawaii

It can be confusing to know which treatment option is best for you. The truth is that everyone has different needs that must be met to recover, so there is no treatment facility that is perfect for every client. We are here to help you figure out the best course of action for you.

When you call, we will have someone who has been through treatment help you get started. They will listen to what you are going through then give you recommendations on rehab facilities. From there, they will then help you get enrolled into your desired center.

Most people who have harsh drug addictions usually need an inpatient program. While some people who have mild alcoholism might be able to hit all their needs with an outpatient program, you may need something different. Our representative can go over all of that with you. We want to help take the fear and stress out to find the help you need.

Aftercare Services in Hawaii

Aftercare and follow-up programs might be the most important part of the recovery process. After rehab, it is on you to deny the desires of drugs or alcohol. Too many people relapse because they believe they have conquered their addiction and depression and can handle abusing substances. That is hardly ever the case.

Working through the 12-steps is the most popular to stay focused on sobriety. Putting in the necessary work can keep you attentive at the important things in life and realizing that nothing good happened in your life when you used drugs or alcohol every day.

Most people in recovery also make an attempt to attend AA and NA meetings. Connecting with others who are in recovery can be huge. Addiction thrives on the feeling of isolation, so being with people who understand you can prove that you are not the only one going through hard times with drugs and alcohol.

“Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

Then call us now. It is our goal to make sure that you get enrolled into a treatment center where you will receive the care you need to recover from your addiction. You don’t have to keep giving in to the thing that is slowly killing you.

12-Step Meeting Will Help Addiction and Alcoholism

After rehabilitation may be confusing—for the past couple weeks or months you have been aided in scheduling your days but today you are left to your individual devises.

Creating Friendships at 12-Step Meetings

You want to avoid finding these friends at the casino or local bar like you are used too. Think of meetings as a sober casino that only serves coffee- create lasting friendships there.  Creating a solid foundation of friends to lean on is vital, particularly having individuals there for you who recognize what you are going through. You will finally find true friends. When you walk in, you will feel as if you have finally found a safe place to relax where you can surround yourself with individuals who are truly there for you.

Meetings are a safe place with safe easy-going individuals. If you are feeling the urge to pick up a drink or drug, instead of calling cab to the bar or the drug dealer, dial one of your friends in recovery. They will gratefully get you to a safe place with no judgement. Going to a 12-step meeting when you are in a delicate emotional state will help you because you can talk about what is going on in your mind and others will be able to relate and help you through your troubled time.

Sharing at 12-Step Meetings

Sharing with others at a 12-step meeting will let you release some of your constrained anxiety and pressure. It is not always probable or necessary to talk to your loved ones about reservations and apprehensions, particularly if you feel like they won’t comprehend. A meeting may be the perfect place for you to relieve yourself; not only will sharing show you that you are not alone, it will give you an outlet and allow you to release all that is bottled inside.

Getting Uncomfortable

While using and abusing, it was easy for you to separate yourself- this is an action that needs to be let go of in order to maintain recovery.

Do something you usually wouldn’t do- get uncomfortable. There are individuals at 12-step meetings from different walks of life that you can relate to, which will motivate you to maintain your recovery. You are going to meet individuals, young and old who have anywhere from 24 years to 24 hours of sobriety.

The awesome thing about working a program is being able to make family with people who usually don’t mix. You will be able to relate with all types of people. The thing about hearing all these stories on how others stayed sober is taking what you have learned from others in the program and applying it to your life. Hopefully, with devotion and determination, you will even take on your own sponsees in the future! At work with a newcomer will remind you of why you started.

Recovery is a Lifestyle

Recovery is not a one-day act; it is something you work at on a day-to-day basis. It is a existence of life filled with individuals who care about you and want you to find joy in recovery. There is no better way to preserve that recovery than working the 12-Steps, going to a meeting, and praying. Not all days are going to be flawless in recovery but your recovered life will be more satisfying than a life fenced by alcohol and drugs.

You may ask yourself, “what now?” It is time to think about your life and what you need to succeed. You have been taught numerous methods in rehabilitation on how to survive with on life’s terms outside of treatment. You have learned how to manage your feelings without abusing drugs or alcohol, how to deal with triggers, and how alcohol and drug addiction is a disease.

You know these great skills, but without somebody with you to help plan your day, what are you going to do to uphold your sobriety? Take all you have been taught, go to a 12-step meeting and let the miracle happen.

Working a 12-step program will allow you to create friendships with others, offer you an outlet other than alcohol and drugs, and will remind you that you are not fighting this battle alone. Meetings are a great place for anyone who has recovered or recovering. It is a great place where you will pay attention to others share their understanding, strength, and courage on how they have lasting recovery. 12-step meetings are a wonderful place to make new friends and a rewarding place to be while maintaining your recovery.

Attending a meeting for the first time will be frightening; there will be unacquainted faces, numerous seats to pick from, and individuals waiting to hug you.

As an alternative of hiding under your sweater- pick a seat next to another individual of the same gender, smile back, familiarize yourself, and as uncomfortable as it may be – hug back. Meetings are not just a place to continue recovery; they are a place where you will meet new strong friends that are good influence.

Hawaii & Drug Abuse

Drug addiction and abuse has the capability to affect everyone, anyplace. It is a progressive and deadly disorder. Hawaii was among the top 10 states for rates of current use of any illicit drug among those ages 12 and older. With that astounding statistic in your mind, take a second to identify your own hard work in captivating action in contradiction of your drug addiction.

Drug addiction and abuse is not to be taken casually. When an individual is abusing drugs, and most of his or her life is centered around finding, using and getting ways and resources to get more, then professional help is needed to turn their life around.

Call us today and we will do our finest to make sure that no one becomes another sad statistic.

Hawaii & Alcoholism

 Alcoholism is a treacherous disease within society. It doesn’t have sympathy on any one specific sex, race, culture or background. Alcohol is universal anywhere you look in Hawaii, whether it’s at a gas station, at a restaurant or friend’s home. It attacks anyone with no regard for life.

It may be hard to identify when it’s time to look for help when social intake, a communal way to spend time with friends in Hawaii, turns out to be out of control, contributing to addiction without any notice. There is no shame in admitting that there is a problem; everyone is different and alcohol intake affects everyone differently.

When addressing matters of alcohol abuse, you should cautiously select the treatment center that’s right for your family and you. Call us and we’ll find the past path you or your loved one should take.

Stats & Facts

  • An estimated 90 percent of property crime in Hawaii is believed to be drug-related.
  • Hawaii law enforcement estimated that 80-90 percent of Methamphetamine seized into the state is smuggled through the Honolulu International Airport.

Nearly 85.6% of people who need treatment refuse to seek the help they need to recover.

  • Over 18.9 percent of youth reported using Marijuana within the past month.
  • The rate of violent crimes including homicides and hostage situations have been associated with Methamphetamine.

Approximately 5,000 adolescents admitted to abusing pain relievers in the last year.

35% of fatal car crashes involve Alcohol impaired drivers.

  • An estimated 92.5 percent of people who need treatment for alcoholism do not ask for help.
  • About 10 percent of Hawaii residents reported past-month use of illicit drugs.

Getting Help in Hawaii

Don't become another stat by passing up on asking for help. Addiction is a disease that requires professional medical attention to cope with. We want to help you help yourself.

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