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Walking with God in Recovery

June 30th, 2017 in True Stories of Addiction

True Stories of Addiction: Susana

Susana was a troubled child due to traumatic events that were constantly occurring as she was growing up. She was sexually abused at a young age and she never got to work through the pain. Susana doesn’t believe being sexually abused is what made her become an addict, but it put her on the road to become one. After she was abused, her parents ended up divorcing each other, an act that was difficult for Susana to deal with. The abuse was already too much for her to handle and the divorce just made things in her mind crazier than ever.

Susana began to act out to the point where her mother didn’t know what to do. She was sent to live with family in Mexico and Washington but always made her way back to her mother’s house, because other family members didn’t know how to help her either. As Susana became worse and worse, her mother had no other choice but to admit her into mental hospitals, mainly because she would try and harm herself. There was a time where Susana chased her friend around with a butcher knife and was sent back to the hospital so medical professionals could try and get to the root of her problem to keep something like that from happening again.

Introduced to Drugs and Alcohol


When Susana was introduced to drugs and alcohol, she was 13-years old. She realized after a few times of using, the hospital could never help her the way the drugs and alcohol did. Susana ended up getting pregnant around the same time she was abusing drugs and alcohol. She gave birth to her beautiful baby girl but after about six months, she had given her to her grandmother because she was unable to take care of her. When Susana gave her daughter away, the drinking really started to escalate. She was destroyed; she couldn’t be the mother she wanted, but knew it was the best option for her child.

After some time of partying, at 16-years old, Susana realized she was pregnant again but this time with a baby boy. She refused to give her baby boy up because she was so traumatized by giving her daughter away. She was going to be the best parent she could be for her child.


After her little boy was born, Susana and her baby’s father ended up splitting up, but it wasn’t long before Susana found her next boyfriend. Unfortunately, her new boyfriend ended up introducing Susana to Heroin. She started using Heroin and whatever else she could get her hands on to take her out of reality. When she realized how amazing Heroin made her feel, Susana would do anything for the drug which ended up really affecting her mother. Susana did anything for the drug, even if that meant stealing from her mother to support her habit.

Susana’s mother had had enough of the havoc and did what she could to get Susana involuntarily committed into a hospital. The first time, Susana was able to talk herself out of it, but that didn’t work so well the next time. She was 17-years old and was woken up by police and sent to an adolescent treatment center where she stayed for four months. After her stay in treatment, she found out she was pregnant again with another little boy. She couldn’t seem to stop using Heroin so the doctors recommended a Methadone program.


After her youngest was born, she got a new boyfriend who told her the Methadone was making her gain weight. Susana didn’t like hearing that so she started smoking Crystal Meth to lose the excess weight she had gained. The Crystal Meth habit was nothing but bad news for Susana; she began stealing a lot of money from her boyfriend to support her habit. Her boyfriend began to catch on and ended up finding her Meth pipe in the bathroom. Afterwards, he packed her stuff and sent her to her mother’s, but her mother kicked her out and she ended up homeless, talking to herself on the streets, paranoid because of the Meth.

Treatment and Recovery


Susana had finally had enough with her addiction and went through detox. After detox, she couldn’t seem to stay sober but ended up getting arrested and when she was released from jail she went to a treatment program. After a week at the treatment program, she ended up relapsing and was taken to jail to do a 6-month program there. After Susana graduated the program, her life changed for the better. She finally recovered and is now working at a substance abuse treatment center.

Her ex-boyfriend’s mother took all of Susana’s children when Susana couldn’t take care of them anymore when she was in active addiction. Her children’s grandmother saw how good Susana was doing in her recovery and has allowed Susana to take her oldest son so she ca experience being a mother. Her life has come together because of her recovery and because of God. She now runs to Him instead of drugs for problems that can arise in her life. She believes she was given a second shot at life and will be forever grateful for her recovery.

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