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Whats Your Recovery Animal

Find your inner recovery animal

Recovery Animal

Have you ever wondered what animal describes your personality? Take this quiz and at the end you’ll receive a unique, and personalized animal that describes who you are. Are you captivating or sympathetic? Brave or delicate? To find out, complete this quiz! Be sure to share with friends!
1. What drug movie is your favorite?
Scar Face
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
2. What is your favorite color?
Rainbows – cuz taste the rainbow
3. Who is your favorite sober actor/actress?
Bradley Cooper
Robert Downey Jr
Drew Berry Moore
Elizabeth Taylor
Jim Carrey
4. What is your aftercare method to maintain sobriety?
Do you even lift bro?
Attend meetings regularly
I’m allergic to caffeine
5. What is your favorite childhood cartoon show?
Johnny Bravo
Fraggle Rock
Veggie Tails
My little Pony
Adventure Time
6. What is your dream vacation?
October Fest
Great Wall of China
Walk the land as a nomad
7. What was your “rock bottom”?
Roid rage aggression
Shroom trip
David Hasselhoff eating a double bacon cheese burger on the floor
8. What is your favorite television show?
Breaking Bad
Nurse Jackie
Orange is the new Black
New Girl
Ash vs Evil Dead
What's Your Recovery Animal
Duckbilled platypus
Your recovery animal is a Duckbilled Platypus! You are a unique and silly person! A natural born jokester! Even though you enjoy a good laugh, you remain responsible and value your recovery. Just like the Duckbilled Platypus, you will do what it takes to preserve yourself and the maintenance of your sobriety. Whether it is going to a meeting because of a trigger, or working out to focus your mind. You take care of you.
What's Your Recovery Animal
Your recovery animal is a Dove! You are a loving and spiritual person. You are the type of individual that will always offer a helping hand and follow your guided intuition. Just like the Dove, you find tranquility in the magnificence of the universe. When it comes to your recovery, nothing will stop you from the fellowship of the spirit. You are a strong believer in karma and always have something positive to say. When friends fighting the same battle are having a bad day, they go to you to be nurtured, loved, and cared for.
What's Your Recovery Animal
Your recovery animal is a Rhino! You are a brave and independent person. You are very strong in your own recovery and for your friends in theirs, you love to listen to them, and that does not mean you listen intending to reply, but to understand and help. Your friends and family would describe you as fearless in recovery, whatever the day brings you are ready to take it on!
What's Your Recovery Animal
Angora Rabbit
Your recovery animal is an Angora Rabbit! You are a passionate and caring person. You have an aura that shines through you, filling a room with positive energy. In your recovery you have the willingness to slow down, explore and discover what actually works for you. While utilizing all the tools to keep your recovery such as meetings, prayer, and meditation. You really find joy working with others and helping any individual you possibly can.
What's Your Recovery Animal
Your recovery animal is a Liger! Lighthearted, but defiantly powerful. You are a divine person and find serenity in prayer. You are protective of your recovery and everyone around you! Just like the Liger, you are a natural born leader and people come to you for nurture or a good laugh. Although you are always ready to joke around, you really enjoy spending your time in nature where you can be one with your higher power.
What's Your Recovery Animal
Dire wolf
Your recovery animal is a Dire Wolf! You are a strong and protective person! When you have a purpose nothing can stop you from reaching your goal. Your loyalty causes you to put everything else in the background when it comes to your recovery. Just like the Dire Wolf, some may question your methods in recovery, but you believe in yourself. You are always ready to learn something new and enjoy spending your time fellowshipping at meetings.