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Since the age of 13 I have don

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Asked: 2017-08-24 15:41:01

Since the age of 13 I have done hard work, such as literally building two homes from the ground up. Having married far too young at the age of 16, my first husband refused to allow me to finish high school due to his own insecurities thinking that I would leave him. I found later that he had burned all of my school documents, and when I called to obtain a copy of my transcripts I was told that the school board had not kept a copy. In 1991 I had to undergo surgery to save my life, and then I became disabled after falling off of a ladder whilst cleaning a friend's mother's home siding. I then did landscaping, building my second home, whenever my second husband's boss asked us to build it, we did so along with my in-laws all of us hurting ourselves to such a degree that we'd never be the same and out of pain again. Having been in Pain Management since 2006 I was put on Morphine for the pain, and Gabapentin for neuropathy. It wasn't until I'd been in pain management and moved to another state, that my 3rd pain management provider put me on Fentanyl. 25 mcg per hour, at 3 years they upped the dose to. 50 mcg per hour, and I am now on. 75 mcg per hour. I have also been on Percocet 10-325 mg, which were and are prescribed for any breakthrough pain I may experience. I have been asking my pain management physician to help me work OFF of the Fentanyl and Percocet as well, because I am worried about the state of my body as I turn 50 in September of this year. I am also worried about the state of this world that we live in, and as a believer I can see the signs everywhere that the end of days is truly nigh... even at the door. Should God call my husband and I out from where we now live and own a home, I want to be ready to say "Yes Lord" without any hesitation or delays due to my body's inability to go without the drugs I have been put on. The worst part is that I was never told that this medication was dangerous like it is, and the Fentanyl and Percocet are and how if I suddenly was unable to get it while my body needs it it could kill me.

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