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How many days do I have to stay in rehab?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow many days do I have to stay in rehab?
Chris asked 4 years ago

I drink often and I’m ready to stop. I can’t go a couple hours without a drink. Will it take long to recover?

Jennifer replied 4 years ago

The amount of time needed to stay in rehab varies from one person to the next and is ultimately up to the individual. However, the longer people stay the better their chances of staying sober as sobriety is a life-long process.

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Hilary answered 3 years ago

Rehab programs are short-term and long-term depending on the place you go to. Some rehabilitation programs offer short-term residential stays  that can last from one to three months in length. Where as, some people go to more extensive long-term programs that last from six months to two years. Long-term programs are known to have better success rates upon completion, however this ultimately depends on the person and their individual needs. Your options for selection of rehab and treatment are wide. 

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