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How bad are withdrawal symptoms?

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Jackson Thomas asked 4 years ago

I have been told that withdrawal symptoms are way worse than just living with a heroin addiction is that true? If so, what are some recommendations to help me with the withdrawal symptoms that I may have? 

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Jon Martin answered 3 years ago

Withdrawal symptoms suck for sure, but they are nowhere near as bad as living with an addiction. The symptoms can be alleviated with certain medications, but you need a detox center for that. I highly recommend going to a detox center for the withdrawal process. It makes a huge difference. You can also detox off heroin without meds, but that is unpleasant. Still not as bad as continuing to use. 

Katie answered 3 years ago

Although Withdrawal from heroin is not necessarily something to look forward to, the experience is only temporary. Where as, continued use of heroin is a daily struggle. 

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