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Dear Businessman: if your co

QuestionsDear Businessman: if your co
asked 3 years ago

Dear Businessman:

if your company does not appear in the first page on Google when you search online your own products or services, you are letting business go, more that you can imagine. The number of customers searching online from a smartphone overpassed searches online from a personal computer with a 51% over the last December. In the future, It is expected that the percentage reaches 70% mobile, and only 30% desktop.

Make yourself these questions:

If I type in the name of my services or products in Google, ¿Does my company or website appear?

Does my website fit all mobile devices? In other words, is my website RESPONSIVE UX?

The digital era came by too fast, only in our country there are more than 56 million Internet users, more than 250 million in Latin America. Therefore, if the way you to attract customers does not evolve you will continue having months of ups and downs instead of a solid annual growth. What is to say, if your company does not appear in Google, your competence is taking away a big amount of potencial customers.

Wouldn’t you like to invest in a digital marketing strategy to take advantage of all the power of the internet and reach markets never achieved before?

Our company, leads the Hispanic-speaking market as the best SEO company in Mexico, with an average annual growth of 300% over the last 6 years. Google give us the first position on page one organically for providing the best user experience, online traffic and content relevance. We have more than 70 keywords on page one and 88 on the second one, both of them in the first position with the terms:

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We have 15 offices in Mexico CIty, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla, Leon, Veracruz, San Luis Potosí, Merida, Aguascalientes, Tijuana, Bogotá, Medellín in Colombia, Lima, Peru, Santiago de Chile and San Diego in the United States.

Last year, Alexa (the world’s leading web site qualifier), ranked us among the top 70,000 worldwide companies from more than 10 billion websites around the world. This allowed us to spread us internationally to continue the goal of growing to U.S. and Asia in 2017.

Even when Google constantly changes its algorithms we continue updating our know how in order to continue achieving the goals we discussed with our clients.

If you have not taken the first step to position your brand, company or business organically, we can help you. The most important thing is to know your goals and to understand how search engines works as well as robots or spiders. Also, it is important to understand approximate times and costs to achieve the much sought after first page of these search engines.

if you choose us you will count on our best team:

• Graphic design
• Web Developers
• Systems programer
• SEO Specialists
• SEM Specialists
• SMM Specialists
• Content Creators and Editors
• A team of CRM statistics and its implementation.

You will get all these specialists´s help for the same price that you would monthly pay to a single person specialized in just one of these areas, believe me, they are all extremely important to get your company to page one.
In addition of a Social Media team whom are the creators of art also known as infographic and profesional videos to feed your social networks, where the important thing is to create art that produces engagement to keep our audience interested.

For instance, a SEO specialist in Mexico can cost you $ 30,000 Mexican pesos per month, a graphic designer costs about $ 9,000, a systems programmer $ 15,000, content creators cost around $ 10,000, a web designer in PHP, WP, or HTML5 around $ 15,000, plus a CRM specialist another $13,000 pesos. These are provincial prices, meanwhile, in Mexico City each of these professionals charges even more expensive. In other words, having an in-house team would entail a monthly payroll of almost $ 100,000 Mexican pesos.

Getting to page one is very complicated, it is impossible for a single person to do all this work by itself, specially since it is a very changing digital world. You and your company need a team of experts in all these different branches to be able to work quickly in the first months and continue the constant work of creating content and links with a high page rank that allows Google to identify your business as one of the top 10 options to display on its first page.

We invite you to work with the best SEO company in Mexico without having to pay the high fees that U.S. companies charge which can go from $ 40,000 up to $ 150,000 pesos per month. Our success comes from a strong monthly sales volume that we have had since 2013, therefore, we have focused on helping SME to automate their businesses digitally with the latest online marketing techniques.

Talk to an advisor, he will be glad to give you all the information that you need. if it is necessary, a SEO specialist will contact you by Skype, Gotomeeting or telephone to give you all the support you need to make a decision.

Remember: If you are not on the first page of Google with your products or services, your competence is taking away business from you!

Thank you for your time and attention to this message.

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