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About Detox To Rehab

Detox to Rehab was created to give addicts and their families the ability to get all the resources they need to find recovery in one place. Part of being able to do that is connecting and building relationships with people.

In building relationships with people in industry we can make sure our visitors have the best information and the most options possible. Connecting with the community allows us to gets the information out there and help break the taboo around addiction and recovery.

All press and information inquiries are welcomed, and can be submitted below.

Mission Statement

Detox to Rehab’s mission is to empower those struggling with addiction and their families with the knowledge they need to get the help they need.

Whether it is connecting them with a treatment facility or helping them find a meeting, will continue to provide accessible resources and a community of support to help them through their journey of recovery.

Latest Press Releases

  • A Double Edged Sword: Painkiller Addictions and Pregnancy

    The Beginning of a Tragedy Prescription medication is one of the most commonly abused drugs on the market. Many people who are attending rehab are coming in for prescription medication abuse as their addiction starts with an illness or accident that required them to take……

  • sara-post-2-adderall
    Adderall: Steroids for the Working American

    Athletes use steroids to boost their performance in an athletic setting. Americans continue to work longer hours, take less time off, and are still pushed to work harder and get more done. It shouldn’t be a surprise, that the working class has turned to its……

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