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SMC Recovery LLC

Summary: SMC Recovery offers treatment solutions for those dealing with opiate addictions by using evidence based treatment models. SMC Recovery is an Opiate Treatment Program [...]

Silkworth Institute

Summary: The Silkworth approach is about more than overcoming addictions, it’s about helping people become the best version of themselves. From the inside out, our [...]

Florida Life Recovery

Summary: Florida Life Recovery offers a luxurious, safe and caring environment for you to focus on yourself and heal. Our facility and residences are located [...]

Center for Behavioral Health – South Carolina

Summary: The Center for Behavioral Health’s system of facilities have a comprehensive treatment program that provides support to those patients who may be suffering from [...]

Center for Behavioral Health – Reno, NV

Summary: The Center for Behavioral Health centers in Reno is a group of trusted outpatient treatment programs that offer services for many drug and alcohol [...]

Center for Behavioral Health – Las Vegas, NV

Summary: In Nevada, the Behavioral Health’s system of facilities have comprehensive treatment programs that provide support for those citizens who suffer from an addiction to [...]